Interview by Jack Logan with Jay Fisher and success with his Premium Drum Samples Music Website.

Real Drum SamplesThe first person I would like the world to meet is one of my ex students, who after taking my music classes founded, with great success I might add, an online shop for delivering the best premium and free drum samples to beat creators and music producers.


Hey Jay, it has been a while since we met, thank you for taking the time to share you story with us. How did you come up with the idea of starting your drum samples business?

Hey Jack, very happy to be here, I have always tremendously enjoyed your classes so I’m excited! How did I come up with the idea? Well after my Hip Hop & R&B music production team left the music industry we felt that it was such a huge waste of simply leaving our enormous drum sample collection on a hard drive and not doing anything with them. So we figured we’ve always had such a great benefit from it ourselves, why not share it with the world?


Well yeah Jay, that sounds like a very logical decision. Would you mind sharing a little bit with our readers on the marketing activities of making ‘Realdrumsamples’ such a success?

For you of course Jack! Not everyone is willing to pay for drum sounds so we came up with the idea of creating a free drum sample package. We figured and hoped that when people downloaded our free hip hop drum kits from our homepage and would play around with it on their drum computers and DAW’s that could hear the immense quality and no longer would have any doubts. They would simply know, I need these packages to create my beats with, simple as that. So far we have been really happy to find out that it works. Our customers are excited and we are excited. On top of that we have added an extensive section on the website on how to make beats. In there we analyze everything on productions we created and music w have displayed to the world. We give away all our mixing techniques and drum programming secrets for free. That’s an incredible value to aspiring super producers don’t you think. To give even more to our customers we’ve even added an additional quick tips section where I recorded live on video my thoughts, inspirations and tips and tricks to make it even easier to take it and learn.

That sounds incredible jay, free drum samples are always a guaranteed success I think. You even have some famous industry names that are using your packages I’ve heard?

Yeah that is correct. We are blessed to have some big industry names using our free drum samples packages and our premium packages, including Grammy winners and nominees. The list includes famous engineers, game audio developers, musicians and music producers and beat makers. The list is quite extensive. Our main customer base is of course mostly in the aspiring beat makers regions.


Well Jay, thank you so much for sharing all your insider information and give us a look inside the horse’s mouth, so to say. Can people follow you online and keep track of you?

Yes of course, people that are interested can follow me on the following channels:






I would like to officially nominate you for the Garnett Online Award and it was a pleasure having you Jay, I wish you all the luck in the world.

Thank you so much Jack! It means a lot!